Regular business meetings are held five times a year, rotating from east and west in both Putnam and Westchester, ensuring that every fourth meeting is
nearby regardless of department affiliation. The north-south zones are defined by the Putnam-Westchester County lines and the east-west zones, by the Taconic State Parkway.  Regular business meetings are held in September, November, January and March with the annual meeting being held in May. Whenever possible, the host company provides a short program at their meeting. The PNWFPA was committed from the start to insuring the safety, training and the development of professional standards for fire police.

One highlight of the past twenty two years has been the Annual Spring Sheriff's Seminar, sponsored in cooperation with the Putnam County Sheriff's Office. This two-evening event includes expert speakers from various agencies and departments who address and present topics beyond the scope of the mandated NYS Fire Police Course. These classes, held through the generosity of the Carmel Fire Department at their fire house, are free and open to all interested personnel. Although not a substitute for the state course, those attending receive certificates underwriting this instruction which may satisfy individual department training requirements. This past year well over one hundred members attended to hear guest speakers from throughout the state. The Association makes every effort to give fire departments, emergency services coordinators, fire & police officers and local officials every opportunity to share their ideas and meet with members at these training programs or, at one of the five scheduled regular business meetings.

A long overdue major project completed was the revision of the 1998 PNWFPA Membership Directory.  The new edition also included member fire department information along with email addresses and was published in a loose-leaf format allowing for major revisions of individual departments if and when needed, thus avoiding redoing the entire booklet. Address changes and the addition of new members will be accomplished with labels distributed by the secretary at meetings. It is intended that the use of the directory be restricted to individual members and their fire/police departments.

Along with the compilation of a data base for the directory, the PNWFPA developed an address book of member's email addresses for sending out notices of meetings, drills, courses, and other events of interest to members.

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