Membership is open to all firefighters who are duly sworn peace officers of their fire department's fire police squad or company. A one time application fee of $5.00 and annual dues of $3.00 should accompany a filled out Membership Application and mailed to:
PNWFPA - Membership
PO Box 521
Brewster, NY 10509

Dues may be paid by department check for all their squad members or by individual personal checks. New members will be mailed a membership card and a post card informing them each meeting, seminar or event of the Association. Members are also eligible to receive a Sheriff's ID Card.

NOTE: Photo ID Cards issued by Sheriff Kevin J. McConville, will only be available to members of our association who are "active", and presently registered by their respective fire departments with the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). A current copy of your department's Annual Validation of Registry Data for the Central State Registry of Police Officers and Peace Officers form must be on file as documentation of a member's active peace officer status. Those no longer registered with DCJS will be issued PNWFPA membership cards by the treasurer.

Members no longer active in their respective departments may retain PNWFPA membership upon payment of annual dues. Those who have been members for fifteen consecutive years are entitled to Life Membership Status. Each member is responsible for notifying the PNWFPA secretary and or treasurer of address changes, or email corrections, or undelivered meeting notices.

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