Fire Police Trucks
In And Around Putnam / Northern Westchester / Dutchess / Fairfield Counties
Fire Police Vehicles

Fire police vehicles, for the most part, are relatively new additions to the fleets of many volunteer fire departments. Often older chief’s vehicles or ambulances have been retro-fitted for use by fire police, while some are purchased new and are dedicated traffic control vehicles. Depending on the needs of individual departments, others are multi-purpose trucks for scene lighting, haz-mat, utility, salvage, rescue, etc. Fire police trucks not only make the fire police officer’s job safer by providing communications, re-hab, and equipment to be close at hand, but they add a measure of safety to everyone working at an emergency scene. This is especially true in rural areas or in towns with limited police resources. In many cases, an unanticipated consequence of placing a piece of apparatus in the care of the fire police squad has been the development of company or squad pride and an esprit-de corps. As is the case with purchasing any fire apparatus, it is suggested any squads considering adding a fire police vehicle visit or consult with departments listed that already have units of this type in service.
Brewster 11-8-2
2003 Chevrolet
Brewster 11-8-3
Carmel 12-8-1
2009 Chevrolet
East Fishkill 39-66
1986 Chevrolet
East Fishkill 39-97
2001 Chevrolet
Freeport 2-1-11
Lake Carmel 17-8-1
2007 Ford
Lake Mohegan Truck 2
2001 Chevy Suburban
Mahopac 18-8-1
2008 Ford
Mount Kisco Rescue 15
1999 HME
Mount Kisco Rescue 31
2005 Ford
Patterson 22-8-1
1998 GMC
Pawling 54-67
2009 Chevrolet
Putnam County Fire Police Team
(No Longer In Service)
Putnam County Fire Police Team
1989 Chevrolet
(No Longer In Service)
Putnam County Fire Police Response Team BES-4
2009 Chevrolet
Ridgefield CT Truck 7
1993 Chevrolet
Somers U-5
2012 Ford F450 HD

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