Regular Business Meeting - Host - Mahopac FD
March 15th, 2016

The March meeting was presided over by Acting President Marilyn Miller. Mahopac 1st Asst. Chief William Nikisher, who was on hand to welcome the membership, received a thank you certificate from the Association acknowledging his department's hospitality. During the meeting Angie McGoorty, PNWFPA Secretary for 15+ years, submitted her letter of retirement from that position. Several new members received their membership cards at the meeting. Elena Jacobs, daughter of recently deceased PNWFPA President John Bodor, sent a note expressing the family's appreciation for all the support received during that difficult time.
In addition we wouild like to acknowledge (From Mahopac Fire Dept.) Aldo and Hank who prepared the food and Jack and Jen who served it.

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