Sheriff's Office issues ID Cards
May 25 & June 15, 2011

Members get new ID Cards at the Putnam County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Office issues ID Cards
March 03 & 06 2010

The Putnam County Sheriff's Office began issuing ID Cards with their new and improved system. Unfortunately to say it is slow would have been an understatement. More dates are planned with a pre-registratation system to reduce the waiting time.
The PNWFPA Fire Police ID cards issued by Sheriff D. B. Smith expired with his term of office which was on December 31, 2009. Since he was re-elected, all cards, using a new & improved computer program, had to be re-issued. Four sessions involving over and under member scheduling; week day and Saturday appointments; computer glitches, sometime long waits and sharing the Public Training Room with a 4H Group learning doggie first aid, most members now have new cards.

May 05, 2010

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