Croton Falls Squad takes oath in highway garage
September 21, 2009

Tradition has always played a major part in the fire service. “Old Timer’s Night” is one such unique Croton Falls tradition celebrated for the past 23 years.

As the story goes, a 1952 GMC pumper, donated by the Town Improvement Society, was relocated “across town” and housed in the last bay of the then new North Salem Highway Garage built in 1950. One day someone jokingly suggested a department meeting should again be held in the garage to, kind of, re-live the good ol’ days! The rest as they say is history. With a barbeque in front of that bay, each year, the department comes together to honor the past along with their senior department members. Notable this year was Ex-Chief Augie Piazza who relived his years of active service when he again sat in the driver’s seat of the departments newly refurbished 1939 Ward La France Pumper. Just as this engine was “brought back”, so too was the Croton Falls Fire Police Squad, through the efforts Chief John Schumacher and Captain Alan Keeley. Keeley seized on this occasion as the perfect time to have the new members (including Chief Schumacher) of his squad take their oath of office.

The PNWFPA is proud to have played a small part in inspiring and assisting their brothers in Croton Falls in their fire police squad reorganization and wish them every success in the coming years.

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